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1 day

Price depends on the hotel category/ number of people traveling/ season/ language of guide

Discovery – to sail and manage the yacht! - you have seen it in the movies. Can you imagine you could do the same!

Ardour – start adrenaline, victory, tamed wind in the sails!

Leisure – your mind deserved the real leisure and pleasure!


And you can experience it with us!


We invite you to sail with comfortable and safe yachts, ideal for 8 people including the skipper. each. Sail Curonian Lagoon and Baltic Sea. It is perfect entertainment for the beginners and professionals.

You will discover a huge amplitude of attractions in the programme: the ancient sea spirit, sport ardour, the happiness of discovery and extraordinary experience.


One day programme (14 people):


10.00  Arrival at Klaipeda's Castle port. Meeting the skippers. Introduction of the yachts. Tea and coffee. Tasting the droplet of rum in honour of Neptune. 

10.30-13.30  Sailing from Klaipeda towards the Dead dunes. Sailing training. The duties are given to every crew member. The crew members work with sails, engine, steering wheel, learns to understand the skippers commands.

13.30-14.30 Leisure break (coffee, tea, soft drinks, cold starters in the cockpit of the yacht).

14.30-18.00 Yacht racing from the Dead dunes to Nida. In assistance of our skippers the teams compete with each other. 

18.00  Finning post at Nida's harbour. Prize giving.

18.00–19.00 Trip by the bus to the Old Smiltyne ferry or check in at the hotel in Nida. 

19.00 Dinner in the restaurant.


Depending on the weather conditions and client's requests, the programme can be altered.

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