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Welcome to Klaipeda!

The oldest city in Lithuania, with 180,000 inhabitants, is today the fastest growing urban centre in the country and the proud recipient of the highest European honors of international co-operation. Youthful in soul, style and drive, beautiful and dynamic, Klaipeda presents a kaleidoscope of unforgettable impressions and hospitality

Our cruise services consist of transport, sightseeing, catering, entertainment and pre- and post packages.

Excursions from Klaipeda port

The best of Klaipeda’s Old Town and “Amber Queen” museum ( 4 hours)

Klaipeda Old Town

The tour will begin at the cruise ship terminal, near the boy waving to the departing ships. After passing rotary bridge you will get acquainted with the Klaipėda‘s castle history. In the Theatre square you will meet the famous sculpture of Ann from Tharau and drama theatre. Here you will learn about the Old town of Klaipėda, features of streets’ layouts, architecture and history. Visit “Amber Queen” gallery, where you find fragments of the Amber Chamber, unique amber pieces with rare inclusions and large collection of antique amber ware. Later continue introduction to city’s little inhabitants – sculptures of the cat with the face of a gentleman, mysterious mouse, Dragon clambered up on the wall, chimney sweeper and way more. You will see the only existing ravelin (a ravelin is a triangular fortification or detached outwork, located in front of the inner works of a fortress) in Klaipėda located on Jonas Hill and hear the story of the city's fortifications and defensive system. Get impressed by charm of beautiful town - once the capital of Prussia’s Kingdom.

Explore Klaipeda and „Švyturys“ brewery and taste probably the best beer in the world! ( 4 hours)

After leaving the port, you will start the tour in Klaipėda’s Old town: you will see the Castle museum located in one of the reconstructed fortification of bastions. After you will stop at the Theatre Square – this is the heart of the city. There is a sculpture of Ann from Tharaw which stands in the fountain in the middle of the square. The monument is dedicated to Simon Dach, a German poet. You will be also introduced to the sculptures which became Klaipėda's Old Town attraction for many years - "The cat with the face of a gentleman". Discover "mysterious mouse", and learn what power it has, also find out why the Dragon clambered up on the wall and why rooftop chimney sweeper is located on the roof of one the Old town houses. You will see the only existing ravelin (a ravelin is a triangular fortification or detached outwork, located in front of the inner works of a fortress) in Klaipeda located on Jonas Hill and you will hear the story of the city's fortifications and defensive system. Then comes the highlight of the tour, a fascinating visit and tasting session at the famous “Švyturys” Brewery founded by local tradesman J W Reincke in 1784. The brewery’s traditional brewing methods are unique in Lithuania, and the range and flavour of its products go far beyond people’s usual ideas about beer. People’s thinking about beer is usually limited to thinking that it can be dark or light, and strong or gentle. There’s a lot more to it than that. Find out all the different varieties of beer how they make it at “Švyturys”! As with so many things, the more you know about beer, the more you enjoy it. Try some “Švyturys” for free! And maybe buy some! Cheers!

Dance and sound performance - tour Klaipėda transit Memel ( 3 hours)

Learn about Klaipeda in an interactive way!

During the performance-tour, each participant hears historic/ artistic text, music and sound compositions through headphones, watches interpretations of contemporary dance in different city spaces, sometimes the participant performs certain movements himself and that enables him to live stories of the churches personally and expand his own limits of the  understanding of the city. What was recipe of traditional tear squeezing Klaipeda grog? How locals called capable swimmers? What will happen if your dreams are populated with fish? What earliest inhabitants of Klaipeda territory have in common with Vikings? What Richard Wagner was doing in Klaipėda? That is just part of curious questions – get answers to them during the tour.

Klaipėda Old Town & Palanga Sea resort tour (4,5 hours)

Explore the main sights in Klaipėda port and resort of Palanga including Amber museum!

The tour reveals the treasures of western Lithuania: the only seaport of Lithuania – Klaipeda and most popular Lithuanian sea resort – Palanga. Klaipeda - once the capital of Prussia’s kingdom, mesmerizes by unique fachwerk architecture, rich history and relaxed atmosphere. During the tour see the main Theatre square with famous sculpture of Ann from Tharau and theater building, neo-gothic Post office; learn about Klaipeda’s castle and other sights of the Old Town. Later continue to Palanga - the busiest Lithuanian seaside resort. You will explore the biggest Amber museum in Europe, located in the estate of count Feliksas Tiškevičius surrounded by a beautiful botanical gardens designed by the landscape architect Eduard Francois Andre. See cozy wooden houses, lively boardwalk to the beach and make a picture at the iconic bridge to the sea.

Hill of Witches and Dead dunes tour (5,5 hours)

Curonian Split:  Hill of Witches (Juodkrante) – Dead dunes (Nagliai Nature Reserve) – time in the beach.

During the tour you will visit unique corner of Lithuania – Curonian Spit. Pass by Juodkrante settlement and climb an authentic Hill of Witches, decorated with numerous wooden sculptures based on Lithuanian legends and folk tales. Later continue to Nagliai Nature reserve – Dead Dunes. It is a place for habitats of rare plants, included in the Red Book, four villages and two old cemetery sites that are hiding under the sand. The entire length of the dunes is made up of ravines of the most intricate patterns blown by the wind. Impressive scenery! After the tour –free time in white sand beaches of Juodkrante.  

Discover the Pearl of Lithuania – Curonian Spit ( 8 hours)

Curonian Spit: Hill of Witches (Juodkrante)- Nida

In the year 2000 the Curonian Spit was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in Europe. It is a natural wonder with fishermen's settlements and resorts, golden dunes, ethnographic architecture monuments and the summerhouse of Thomas Mann. The tour starts with a short crossing of the Curonian Lagoon by ferry. Soon you reach the Curonian Spit, a sandy stretch of land, 98 km long and varying in width from 400 m to just a few kilometres, between the waters of the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. It is a great holiday site, full of the sweet scent of pines, water and ozone. Formed some 6000 years ago as sand accumulated in shallow waters near the coast, it is an extremely romantic area today with its fishing villages developed as resorts. You will visit Juodkrante, famous for the Hill of Witches where one can see wooden statues of legendary heroes and Nida, the resort of serene beauty. It is noted for its magnificent 50 - 60 meter high dunes, the Lithuanian Sahara, attracting visitors since the middle of the 19th century. The German writer Thomas Mann had a summer house built here, which now houses a museum and has remained a meeting place for writers and intellectuals ever since. Last but not least – gothic Lutheran church and unique ethnographic cemetery of local tribe – kursiai. Christenings are the oldest forms of the tombstones in Lithuania were made of thick and trimmed boards. Its silhouette reminds of a tree which sides were carved with birdies. After the lunch in Nida the bus will take you back to Klaipeda’s port.

Feel the lifestyle of Curonian Spit ( 7 hours)

Curonian Spit: Nida – Juodkrante. See it! Feel it! Taste it!

During 7 hours trip to Curonian Spit you will have a chance to explore the local lifestyle, traditions, old crafts and taste freshly smoked fish. Travel to Nida where you will participate in vetrunge (weathervane) painting workshop. Get to know the story of weathervane – a unique example of ancient Lithuania’s fishermen carving and Baltic folk art, which has no analogues in the world. Color your own and take it as a souvenir. Later continue to the Fisherman's Etnographic homestead of XIX-XX century. It includes yard, greenery, residential and farming buildings. The dwelling house is decorated authentically and has furniture, household and working tools, textures.

Further enjoy impressive 1 hour sail in Curonian Lagoon. This trip will take you to the dunes besides the Russian border, where you will be fascinated by the wonderful landscapes and admire the natural beauty of this area. On the way back to Klaipeda en route stop in Juodrante village to taste fresly smoked local fish!

Curonian Spit by bike ( 7 hours)

Experience the spirit of Curonian Spit on two wheels: Klaipeda – Smiltyne – Juodkrante - Klaipeda

Take a chance to explore the most unique place in Lithuania – the Curonian Spit National park by bike. The tour starts with a short ride along the Dane River promenade to the Old Ferry Terminal bordering the Old Memel Castle area with a new sailing marina. Afterwards – 15minute ferry ride to Smiltyne, where you will visit sea harbor’s gate famous for its long moles heading to the Baltic Sea for several kilometers, pass by overland exposition of wooden boats and soviet trawlers as well as ethnographic fisherman’s household. Say „Hello!“ to the Baltic seals guarding the Maritime Museum. Later cycle along the Baltic coast through pine woods of the Curonian Spit to Juodkrante. En route break on a wild sand beach for a swim in the sea and hopefully discovering a piece of amber washed ashore. While in Juodkrante climb the Hill of Witches which houses a hundred fanciful and folksy wooden sculptures of Lithuanian legends scattered along a forest path and watch a colony of grey herons and cormorants. Finish the tour with 1 hour speed boat ride along the lagoon towards Klaipeda. Last but not least – short guided tour of Klaipeda’s Old town awaits for you.

Panoramic flight over Curonian Spit ( 2 hours)

Flight over the Golden Dunes: Klaipeda – Nida

During the 40 minutes flight you will be fascinated by the beauty of the area. Pass over the only Lithuania’s seaport – Klaipeda and Curonian Spit - unique peace of land between Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. White sand beaches, pine tree woods, cozy settlements and impressive continental sand dunes, surrounded by water from both sides will leave you speechless. It is a great way to discover the most beautiful part of Lithuania and make unforgettable memories as well as pictures.

Along Curonian Lagoon up to Vente Horn – paradise for bird lovers ( 5,5 hours)

Klaipeda – Priekule – Vente’s Horn - Sturmai

The tour starts with 1h walking tour of the charming Klaipeda’s Old Town. Enjoy fachwerk architecture, Theatre square with statue of Ann from Tharau and theatre building where Hitler said a speach in 1939. Later get back in history to the area known in the past as “Memelland” - the part of Lithuania Minor consisting of the coastland around Klaipėda (formerly known as Memel) and along the Curonian Lagoon, on the right bank of Neman River.  During this trip you will get to see a lot of the beautiful Lithuanian countryside. The route passes through villages and small provincial towns. First stop at the small town of Priekulė. Emanuel Kant’s great grandfather was born here. Later continue to Vente’s Horn, enjoying picturesque views of Curonian Lagoon and Curonian Spit. Vente’s Ornithological Station, situated in a beautiful cape is on one of the major north-south bird migration routes. At the centre you can be lucky enough to find a bird and put a ring on its leg with a help of professional ornithologist. Last but not least – late lunch in the unique fresh fish restaurant “Sturmu svyturys”. Located in the cozy architectural ensemble reflecting the old spirit of Little Lithuania, it does not offer traditional menu. Fishermen set sail into the lagoon every day, and what you eat today depends on the Maumas of the lagoon and fishermen’s luck. The catch of each day is placed on ice and you can choose a fish for the restaurant’s cook to prepare right before your eyes and bake in the fireplace.

Yacht regatta in Curonian Lagoon ( 6 hours)

Yacht regatta in the Curonian Lagoon: discover! ardour! relax!

Discovery – to sail and manage the yacht! - you have seen it in the movies. Can you imagine you could do the same?

Ardour – start adrenaline, victory, tamed wind in the sails!

Leisure – your mind deserved the real leisure and pleasure! 

We invite you to sail with comfortable and safe yachts and experienced captains. Perfect entertainment for the beginners and professionals. It is 6 h. regatta in Curonian Lagoon in between mesmerizing peace of land – Curonian Spit and continental Lithuania. You will sail from Klaipeda’s harbor towards one of the most beautiful places of the Curonian Spit – Dead Dunes. Enjoy the scenery of pine tree woods, pass by Juodkrante settlement and stunning white and grey sand dunes. Have lunch in the yacht and get back to Klaipeda competing who’s crew is faster! You will be given introduction how to manage the yacht and with a help of experienced captain do it yourself. Unforgettable experience is guaranteed.

Sail in Nemunas Delta regional park and Curonian Lagoon ( 5 hours)

Povilai – Minija village – Curonian Lagoon – Uostadvaris - Povilai

The tour starts with 1hour drive from Klaipeda to Povilai village where a 3 hours boat trip begins. You will pass by beautiful  rivers of Nemunas Delta regional park and part of Curonian Lagoon enjoying spectacular views of Curonian Spit famous for white sand continental dunes. You will sail by Uostadvaris and Minge village, known as Venice of Lithuania, situated on both sides of Minija river. Here you will have a chance to see traditional architecture from german times, which is different from the rest of Lithuania, learn about local lifestyle and past. Besides of it – you will try local specialties – freshly smoked fish and traditional fish soup.

Zemaitija National Park & Cold War museum tour ( 5 hours)

Plateliai (Zemaitija National Park) – Cold War Museum – Klaipeda Old Town

This tour – a blend of beautiful nature and history. Travel to Zemaitija National Park. First stop at Plateliai -  one of the most beautiful towns of the area with a great past. It is situated on the western shore of Plateliai lake.
Plateliai lake is one of the main attractions in the park. It is one of the clearest, cleanest and the deepest lakes of Lithuania with seven islands, each having it’s own legend. A fantastic panoramic view awaits for you from a viewing platform. Afterwards visit wooden town’s church and manor. Later continue to the unique Cold War Museum, located in former Soviet Union's complex of ballistic missile silo launch. Since 1963 up to 1978, there had been deployed four medium- range ballistic missiles SS-4, armed with 2- megaton power thermonuclear warheads. These missiles, together with the nearby terrestrial platforms of analogue missile launching, had created a common Soviet nuclear armament group in Lithuania, which was able to destroy all the Europe.
Nowadays you can visit the underground and the missile silos labyrinth and get knowledge of the Cold War period, propaganda strategies, consequences of the nuclear explosions and the life in the military base. After coming back by bus to Klaipėda we will make a stop for a photo in the heart of Old Town Theatre Square near "Ann from Tharau" sculpture.

Pilgrimage sacred site – Hill of Crosses ( 7 hours)

The tour brings you to the pilgrimage site - Hill of Crosses - unique not only in Lithuania, but also worldwide. Located next to Siauliai city, it is an expression of a spontaneous religiousness of people, and is a symbol not of grief and death but of Faith, Love and Sacrifice. At present, some 200,000 crosses of various sizes adorn the hill. In erecting crosses here by the thousands, people manifest their devotion to Christ, pray for his help and consolation, and mark Lithuania as a Christian land. The Hill of Crosses gained fame throughout the world in 1993 when Pope John Paul II visited and celebrated Holy Mass for a gathering of 100,000 people. A cross that Pope John Paul II donated was erected here in 1994. Fell the uniqueness of the place and leave your own cross.

Golf break in National Golf Resort Klaipeda ( 7 hours)

The 18-hole golf course lies in the picturesque valley of River Dane, 20 minutes driver from Klaipeda. Practice area consists of putting green, chipping-pitching green, driving range and a 3-hole short course. The 18th green is shaped as a map of Lithuania, which has become the signature hole of National Golf Resort. The golf course is a member of "World of leading golf", a challenging 18 hole championship golf course designed by the well known architect David Krause, constructed by Stange & Johnke. Enjoy 5 hour game and be delighted with variety of landscape – the course is divided by the Dane River; between fairways there are many wetlands, sandy locations characteristic to the coastal lowlands as well as gross verdure. The field’s changing relief, which varies between 30 meters, each game area presents new challenges and leaves an indelible impression. After the game - lunch at the fancy and elegant National Golf Resort restaurant, promising spectacular view to the course.

Self guided tour Palanga resort and Amber museum ( 5 hours)

Explore Palanga and Amber museum on your own

The driver takes you from Klaipeda Cruise ship terminal and brings to the most popular Sea Resort – Palanga. It has a lot to offer for people of different interests and is easy to get around. You can walk by the main Basanavicius street full of bars and restaurants, leading to the iconic sea bridge of almost half a kilometer length or choose more peaceful stroll in beautiful English style botanic garden, created in 1987 and surrounding another resort’s attraction – Amber museum. Palanga is famous for white sand beaches. Why not to spend some time where? Transfer back to Klaipeda.

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