Full day excursion along Panemune castles road

Full day excursion along Panemune castles road

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Along the most picturesque road – Panemune Castle Road – you will visit Seredzius mound &  Panemune castles. 

The road is famous for its castles and manors that can be visited en-route. These buildings were used as opulent residences rather than defensive structures but their impressive towers and strong walls may be deceptive. Only a couple kilometers from Kaunas limits is Raudondvaris with its castle-like red brick manor, built in 16th-17th centuries.

Further on you will pass Raudonė, a castle with a 33,5 m fairy-tale like gothic tower now used as a school. It was originally built in late 16th century and rebuilt after suffering heavy damage in World War 2.

Finally, there is the Renaissance Panemunė castle. Dating to 1604 it now houses a museum and you may climb its mighty towers. The castle its being restored, the surrounding park still providing a nice stroll even after heavy damages done by Soviets.


To the price included: car (for 1-3 people), fuel, guide for 8 hours, entrance fees to Raudondvaris manor, Panemune castle, Raudone castle.