Excursion in Ligatne bunker

Excursion in Ligatne bunker

18,00 €Price

Līgatne Bunker, constructed nine meters beneath the ground, was intended to serve as a shelter for Latvia’s Communist elite in case of a hypothetical nuclear war. Displayed at the shelter are authentic exhibits which have survived there from Soviet times. The secrecy shrouding the bunker was so great that for 30 years, employees and clients of the adjacent rehabilitation center remained unaware of the underground structure underneath their feet. 


On the excursion, you will see:

  • Maps and situation plans showing what happens when all dams of hydroelectric power plants are destroyed during war;
  • Autonomous power plant with diesel generators and a fuel storeroom;
  • Air purification equipment with oxygen supplies;
  • Water supply and sewerage facilities like those in submarines;
  • Telecommunications centre complete hotline with the Kremlin in Moscow and autonomous communications with all the key services in Latvia;
  • Unique map with the historical names of collective farms, or kolkhoz;
  • Canteen - with a typical Soviet-era menu;
  • Various Soviet memorabilia; items and accessories.


To the price included a light "soviet" meal. 


The price is 18 Eur / person. The activity is available if participate at least 10 persons (or the minimum price of the program is 180 Eur). 

Additionaly we can arrange a transportation from Riga to Ligatne bunker and back. The price depends on the amount of persons. Please contact for more details by e-mail info@balticidea.com