Dance and sound performance - tour Klaipėda transit Memel

Dance and sound performance - tour Klaipėda transit Memel

30,00 €Price

Learn about Klaipeda in an interactive way! ( 3 hours)

During the performance-tour, each participant hears historic/ artistic text, music and sound compositions through headphones, watches interpretations of contemporary dance in different city spaces, sometimes the participant performs certain movements himself and that enables him to live stories of the churches personally and expand his own limits of the  understanding of the city. What was recipe of traditional tear squeezing Klaipeda grog? How locals called capable swimmers? What will happen if your dreams are populated with fish? What earliest inhabitants of Klaipeda territory have in common with Vikings? What Richard Wagner was doing in Klaipėda? That is just part of curious questions – get answers to them during the tour.


The price is 30 Eur / person. The activity is available if participate at least 20 persons (or the minimum price is 600 Eur). 

Additionaly we can arrange a transportation from Kaunas or Vilnius to the place and back. The price depends on the amount of persons. Please contact for more details by e-mail