1 hour excursion in Klaipeda University Botanical Garden

1 hour excursion in Klaipeda University Botanical Garden

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The Botanical Garden of Klaipeda University (KU) is situated in the northern part of the city of Klaipeda, in the valley of the Dane River. In general, the width of the area is 9.3 hectares. This territory is important by its historical past. In June 1802, an important event occurred at the Estate near this territory. Here, the well-known Prussian king, Frederic Wilhelm III, and his wife Louise, had a meeting with the Russian emperor, Alexander I. Thus occurred the first Prussian and Russian monarchs’ meeting, since the time of Frederic I and Peter-the-Great.  As a tribute to this long friendship, born right here, between two monarchs, there was established a park for remembrance. Now, there are situated a Botanical Garden.
Since the establishment of the Botanical Garden in 1993, ornamental and other valuable plants are collected. They are exhibited in three collections: dendrological, medicinal and spice plants, and herbaceous ornamental plants (perennial and annual flowers).  A rock garden was established for trees and shrubs, and propagation of flowers. There are about three thousand (3,000) taxa in the living plant collections.


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