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World Lithuanian Song & Dance Festival: How it started? What to expect? Why you must experience it?

  • First Song Festival in Lithuania was organized in 1924 with choirs as only participants ( 3000 people). Nowadays it is UNESCO aknowledged tradition; event lasting 6 days and uniting up to 30 000 - 40 000 participants: choirs, dancers, performers, craftsmen, musicians, actors, orchestras.

  • The basic idea of the festival: to unite people. People from different corners of Lithuania and Lithuanians from all over the world. Lithuanians have very intimate connection to the past, nature – all presentend in the shape of folk art – the main theme of the festival.

  • The main events of the festival: Ensembles‘ evening, Dance day, Song day. However there is also: Children traditional crafts town, Folk Arts exhibition, Kanklė’s concert, Theatre day, Wind Orchestras’ concert.

  • The biggest event – Song Day ( the last evening of the festival). There is no actual boundary between a "performer" and a "spectator" in the Song Festival, as everybody is invited to sing together. Guest from abroad can join it too, as the program of the Festivali s available online. Typically, the most popular Lithuanian songs are performed, both old and newer ones, with an emphasis on folk songs and patriotic songs.

  • Like Olympic Games, it happens every 4 year: 2018: 2022, 2026.. in the begining of July.

  • It is unique event world wide, happening only in the Baltics: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

  • It is event uniting people of different generations: youngest participant – 2 years old, oldest – 95 years.

  • 2018 Song and Dance Festival takes place in Lithuania, Vilnius, Kaunas 30th June – 6th July. It is dedicated to the commemoration of the Centenary of the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence. The tickets sales to the events starts at the end of March/ beginning April. Full program and optional infomation can be found in the official site:

We invite you not to miss a chance to be part of this impressive centenary event: no matter if you are Lithuanian or the first time guest – you will be mesmerized by the vibe. Come and experience this amazing sense of unity!

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