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Spectacular Christmas Tree Illuminated With 5 Km Of Lighting Announces The Holiday Season In Vilnius

Lithuania’s capital has received a lot of global attention over the years for its unique and stunning Christmas trees, and this year’s creation, which looks like a giant clock from above, certainly did not disappoint.

Vilnius transforms into a veritable Christmas wonderland during this festive month and can be explored by taking a ride on the Christmas train, which makes its way through the city’s UNESCO-listed Old Town. Visiting the Christmas villages filled with souvenirs and festive food at the Cathedral and Town Hall Squares is an absolute must – both are open until 7 January. Moreover, a 3D tale of the birth of Jesus projected onto the walls of the Cathedral will make for an unforgettable experience for the whole family – the 15-minute story will be told four times a day starting at 5 p. m. from 25th to 29th of December. Read more

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