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Collection of photo sites revealing the beauty of the Baltics

Get inspired for your trip by these amazing photo sites, revealing the soul of the Baltics!


1. - INSTAGRAM №1 Estonia.

2. - medieval charm, northern quality, western mindset. The official tourism board of Estonia. Travel. Holiday. Tourism. 

3. - marvelous sights and nature of Estonia. 

4. - pictures to celebrate centenary of Estonian Respublic. 

5. - beautiful Tallinn on the photos.

6. - nature and architecture of Estonia.

7. - a great collection of photos of Estonian architecture and nature.

8.…/21st-century-modern-estonian-ar…/ - modern Estonian architecture.

9.…/marcodileo/…/72157628841266659/ - Esti collection of the marvelous Estonian architecture.

10. - Estonia and its beauty.


1. - the biggest Instagram page of Latvia. 2. - site mostly dedicated to Latvia’s capital Riga. 3. - marvelous Latvian architecture & Art. 4. - world class photographers about Latvian nature and architecture. 5. - if you like Latvia, Latvia likes you. 6. - glimpses of beautiful Latvia. 7. - Nils Sokolovs is very into nature, so that most of his photos are about Latvian nature. 8. - Latvian Landscapes 9. - a huge variety of photos of Latvia, sorted by topics 10. - architecture of Latvia.


1) - “We love Lithuania” platform will provide you with thousands of photos of different themes

2) - if you are a lover of the nature, then you should definitely take a look at M. Cepulis masterpieces

3) - drone taken photos of Vilnius and other cities of Lithuania

4)… - 101 photos by talented authors with description.

5) - a great collection of photos of Lithuanian architecture, Vilnius, Trakai castle and nature

6) Vilnius street photography

7) - The witchy mastermind of female nudity. Archaic spirit of women revealed in nature

8)…/ - bewitching photographs inspired by Lithuanian forests

9) - Lithuania welcomes the world with the slogan “Real is beautiful”. The first ever stock photo database that is made of photos donated by Lithuanian people

10) - the author has a great collection of photos for people of diffident provinces.

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