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Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming Session

Successful Work Team

Successful Work Team

In Negotiation

In Negotiation

doing work together

doing work together

Volunteer Team

Volunteer Team

Group Discussion

Group Discussion


Our work starts few months or even a year before the event and ends up only when the last participant departs. Our team – one of the most potential in the Baltic region. Our services meet the standards of international conferences, congresses, seminars etc. We can ensure that your event – a small business meeting, annual international conference or convention – will be successful.


Conference organizer „Baltic Idea Generator“ will help you to:


  • Prepare the program of the Conference

  • Make the budget calculations

  • Choose the best location for your Conference

  • Create website for your Conference; run the electronic registration

  • Do design & printing jobs

  • Prepare & distribute press releases

  • Provide necessary Conference equipments

  • Arrange transport

  • Arrange accommodation

  • Arrange catering

  • Select and arrange the most interesting socio-cultural program for you

  • Run the registration of partitipants during the Conference

  • Guarantee smooth process of the Conference

  • Prepare the report on the Conference



„Baltic Idea Generator“ will be happy to take care of any kind of event in the Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, starting with private wedding or bachelor party ending up with international conferences, forums. No matter what industry your organisation operates at – we always listen and try to embody your wishes providing the best options and services. We know that the success of each event depends on the same principles: professionalism, competence and responsibility. These are principles that underlie everything we do.


Event organizer “Baltic Idea Generator“ offers the following services:

• Planning and programming

•Selection of the venue

• Budgeting and maintenance

• Accommodation

• Press and publicity work

• Communication and Insurance

• GALA dinners and banquets organization

• Catering services

• Special leisure programs

• Theme evenings

• Organization of transport and logistics

• Gifts for participants

• Specialized, historical and cultural tours for participants

• Guides and Interpreters


„Baltic Idea Generator“ will be happy to help you to plan and organize incentive tour or leisure event.

We are pleased to spice up your programs with artists‘ performances, GALA dinners, receptions and theme parties, sightseeings and activities such as “treasure hunt”, cooking or crafts lessons and much more .


Gala dinner with the “Baltic Idea Generator“ – unforgettable evening!


And here comes the recipe:


Exceptional location + stylish decorations=impressive atmosphere

The evening program + great entertainment=joyful emotions

Gourmet food + intoxicating drinks=feast for body


„Baltic Idea Generator“ can organize and implement various Gala dinner scenarious, depending on the size and type of the group. We are always ready to listen to your wishes and fullfill expectations. Together we will find the best solution for perfect GALA dinner.


„Baltic Idea Generator“ will help you to:


• Choose the theme for your GALA dinner.

• Select the most appropriate place for GALA dinner in the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia) according to the concept and type of the event.  

• Calculate the budget of the GALA dinner, offering the best service prices.

• Manage all the arrangement steps of GALA dinner as an intermediator between you and suppliers.

• Ensure smooth process of GALA dinner.


Contact us

Baltic Idea Generator

Cell: +370 67878633



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